The Devils Among Us

The music slaps against my window pane
And my lawn browns in the autumn rain
And today is not my birthday.

Then Seers take these simultaneous events
And chant them into cause and effect
And each predicts an Apocalypse

And leads us, the Innocents, into his special Hell.


We live in curious times
Which seem different than the times before.

What I am saying is
We really do not know
Even though some claim to know.

So, can they explain why
The killing of untold numbers of people
Is the only suitable solution?

But first, can they explain the problem
Or even recognize the problem requiring this solution?

Perhaps the times are not so curious after all

Go For It

Every once in a while,
I work to reinvent myself.

I am not displeased with me
but I do get bored.

So, I work to reinvent myself.

The clerk at the cash register
likes my new hat.

The Traveler

His back is bent by a load he no longer carries and will never carry again.

He was not without companions. Most stayed for a while then drifted away. The new appeared from time to time only to disappear (as they will).

He gathered mystic fables for direction and comfort but as they proved empty, he discarded them and moved on.

Always moving. On and on, immersed in the peace of his solitary journey.

The Dog And The Door

She does not believe the door exists
even though I open it and
show her the other side

and she reluctantly passes through
but she knows she is on the outside

only because she is
and not because of the door

and she is certain she cannot come back in
because she does not believe the door exists.


There is nothing like old age to convince one
that present conditions are far superior
to anything the future is sure to offer.

Long Life

Today finds another Spring
There have been so many

Winters too
Harsh Winters

The worst days are behind me
And only my End remains

But Today finds another Spring

The Greeting

A warm afternoon.
Two old men meet in passing.

They nod,
acknowledging each other’s existence.

They continue on.
Humanity recognized.


Sunlight streams through the window.

Sleeping dog yips at in intruder in her dreams.
When she awakens, the threat will be gone.

When I awaken, will the dog be gone?